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Arne Vodder, Denmark

Vodder trained as a cabinetmaker and architect, he studied under Finn Juhl at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, graduating in 1947. In 1950, Vodder launched his own architecture and design studio with architect Anton Borg. Vodder is best known for his furniture designs, which tended to be simple pieces composed of natural materials such as rosewood and teak, often inspired by the natural forms, and occasionally accented with colourful panels. Vodder worked with several respected brands throughout his career, designing cabinetry, tables, seating, and more for furniture makers Fritz Hanson, France & Søn, and Sibast.

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Arne Vodder is one of the great Danish designers of the mid 20th century.


Arne Vodder (1926 - 2009) may not be as well known as some of his Danish counterparts, but his influence was nonetheless very significant.

He had an impressive start in the design world being trained by Finn Juhl and going on to work with him. He later opened a studio in 1951 with Anton Berg and the pair designed low-cost houses which proved to be extremely popular.

Furniture became his main focus however and he designed for various companies such as Fritz Hansen, Cado and France & Son. He found his greatest success designing office furniture for Sibast with the range doing very well in both Europe and the US. His desks were used by a broad range of well known figures such as US President Jimmy Carter, Libyan leader Muannar Gadafi and an infamous Chicago gangster!

Vodder's designs are known for their understatement, elegance, rich timbers and organic edges. He was also capable of playfulness too as is illustrated in his use of coloured panels on sideboards and cabinets. His pieces are truly timeless and are, unsurprisingly, still in hot demand.


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BelWeb, South Africa

BelWeb furniture has become sought-after antique collector's items . Belweb South African Furniture Manufacturer 1908 – 1936. Brothers James Williamson Thomson Bell and Richard Brittain Bell arrived in Cape Town, South Africa from Scotland. The brothers rented two rooms in Castle Street, Cape Town started their own furniture manufacturing company, Bell Bros – employed 6 workmen. Herbert Webb joined the company and the name was changed to Bell Webb & Bell. Rented a factory with machinery in Wale Street, Cape Town. The trademark ‘BelWeb’ was registered. In 1936 James Bell retired (due to ill health) and the company was put into voluntary liquidation as no suitable buyer was found.


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Bramin, Denmark

Bramin crafted some of Denmark's most coveted furniture during the mid 20th Century.


Danish furniture maker Bramin originated in Bramming, a town known for its progressive furniture industry. The company was originally known as N.A. Jørgensens Møbelfabrik but updated it's name in the late 1950s to Bramin Møbler for a more contemporary brand profile.

During the 1950s to the 70s, Bramin was one of the larger furniture makers in Denmark. It produced a broad range of furniture for the lounge and dining room, plus a number of memorable sideboards and storage options. Like many other Danish firms, Bramin collaborated with some of the best Danish designers of the era.

While high profile designers such as Johannes Andersen, Hans Olsen, Kurt Østervig, and Frank Reenskaug collaborated with Bramin, the most successful relationship was with Henry W. Klein. Norwegian-born Klein worked closely with the company before moving to Denmark with his family in 1960 to be involved in its operations.

Bramin continued to be successful until the 1980s when the international financial crisis forced the company, along with many others, to close down. Today Bramin pieces are highly coveted. On one hand Bramin is known for creating strikingly original and unusual forms and on the other for exemplifying a characteristic Danish simplicity.


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Drexel, US

Drexel Furniture is admired by many an interior design enthusiasts for its charming all American quality as a purveyor of tradition, innovation, quality and value.


What is Drexel Furniture?

Drexel Heritage Furniture was the name of the company that produced what is commonly known as Drexel Furniture. For many years the company was making fabulous wooden and veneered furnishings in traditional styles, inspired by French, Italian, Asian and British designs, that were very popular in the USA for over a century. Although in modern times Drexel's direction was mostly focused on producing furniture in more contemporary style, Drexel Heritage furniture is still very popular on second hand market and for a good reason. The timeless design of their Heritage lines and the exceptional quality of the execution of their furniture pieces still holds up to the high expectations of today's buyer, all that for a moderate price.


A Brief History of Drexel Furniture

The Drexel Furniture Company was founded in 1903 in North Carolina by Samuel Huffman and five other men with a mere investment of $14,000, and 50 workers. They produced products made from native oak, taking inspiration from traditional French and British furniture design in order to create a wholly new unique style.


1960 catalogue



The Drexel Profile furniture collection was designed by John Van Koert, and it was in production from 1955 to 1961. Van Koert started out as a jewelry designer for Harry Winston after WWII and later branched into industrial design. He also is well known for designing silver for Towle, particularly the Contour design; his particular attention to the drawer pulls and other hardware on Profile pieces is noted in the catalog.  Femme1 owns the walnut dining table and chairs #K40, and the round extension table, with #K62, the side chairs.



John Van Koert for Drexel

Jon Van Koert was a designer of silverware and furniture.  A soldier of World War 2, Jon Van Koert studied painting and sculptuing at the University of Wisconsin.  

His furniture and flatware were chosen to represent mordernism in multiple travelling exhibitions, and he was the exhibition director of notable exhibitions.  During the course of his life Jon Van Koert was a driving force in bringing Danish modern and Scandinavian modern designs to America.

Jon Van Koert designed furniture for Drexel, where his designs were presented in the show rooms of department stores such as Macy's and Bloomingdale's.  Jon Van Koert had a much different philosophy on furniture than most designers of his day, picturing furniture in houses one day being treated like kitchen cabinetry where it would be built-in to the house itself.

John began designing traditional furniture for a company named Serried ltd from 1974-1994



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Duros, South Africa

Duros, established in 1904 represented Danish modern style in South Africa. The name Duros was a composite of the Latvian emigrant family name OSpovat and "DURablity".

The Duros furniture company opened it’s doors in Chapel Street, Woodstock in 1903, moved to Roeland Street in the 1930’s and remained there until it’s demise in the 1980’s. It had an impressive range of furniture


Duros founder Hyman Ospovat gave the company a slogan taken from John Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”. Looking at how timeless his furniture pieces are, it’s rather accurate.


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EE Meyer for Binnehuis, South Africa

South Africa's most sought-after mid-century furniture manufacturer. Meyer was the South African master of understated mid-century elegance, with elegant and clean designs. Owning an EE Meyer piece is owning a piece of history.


The Binnehuis furniture stores were located in Cape Town and Somerset-West, and were owned by a Dutch businessman and his wife, Mr and Mrs van Ewijck, who moved between South Africa and the Netherlands. 

The majority of Meyer's furniture was made in the beautiful hardwood imbuia, also known as Brazilian walnut.


Gerhardt Meyer, (owner of EE Meyer Cabinet Makers): 26 Nov 1945 to 31 July 2021, 

South Africa's most renowned and legendary cabinet maker.


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Ekornes, Norway

Ekornes Stressless is a name that has become synonymous with comfort and quality.


The Ekornes history


Production at the J.E. Ekornes Fjærfabrikk starts in 1934, with three employees and machines made in Germany. Furniture manufacturing has just become established in Sunnmøre, and this provides the founder, Jens Ekornes, with his first customers. But it doesn't take long before springs for furniture and mattresses are sold throughout Norway.


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