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Bramin, Denmark

Bramin crafted some of Denmark's most coveted furniture during the mid 20th Century.


Danish furniture maker Bramin originated in Bramming, a town known for its progressive furniture industry. The company was originally known as N.A. Jørgensens Møbelfabrik but updated it's name in the late 1950s to Bramin Møbler for a more contemporary brand profile.

During the 1950s to the 70s, Bramin was one of the larger furniture makers in Denmark. It produced a broad range of furniture for the lounge and dining room, plus a number of memorable sideboards and storage options. Like many other Danish firms, Bramin collaborated with some of the best Danish designers of the era.

While high profile designers such as Johannes Andersen, Hans Olsen, Kurt Østervig, and Frank Reenskaug collaborated with Bramin, the most successful relationship was with Henry W. Klein. Norwegian-born Klein worked closely with the company before moving to Denmark with his family in 1960 to be involved in its operations.

Bramin continued to be successful until the 1980s when the international financial crisis forced the company, along with many others, to close down. Today Bramin pieces are highly coveted. On one hand Bramin is known for creating strikingly original and unusual forms and on the other for exemplifying a characteristic Danish simplicity.


Our Bramin pieces - COMING SOON
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