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Greaves and Thomas, UK

Greaves & Thomas, or G&T, was a London-based firm that dates back to the early 1900s. Greaves & Thomas, like many other British firms, employed professional designers to produce contemporary furniture by the mid-1950s and 1960s, all of which had clean lines and a Danish influence. 

'Iconic Vintage Furniture – Spotlight on Greaves & Thomas

Greaves & Thomas furniture, which dates back to the early 1900s, was a high quality and very much ‘high-end’ furniture brand which is extremely sought after today.

While the brand was well known for its sofa bed production and designs in the 1920s through to the mid-century period, the brand also produced a stunning array of sideboards, tables and mirrors, all characterised by simple, straight lines and elegant frames. Very much a forward thinking furniture brand, vintage Greaves & Thomas pieces can slot perfectly into the 21st century home.


Brief History and Timeline of Greaves & Thomas

1967 – Popular mid-century Furniture maker Schreiber (now owned by Sainsbury’s) acquired Greaves & Thomas. This acquisition of Greaves & Thomas added substantial weight and credibility to the Schreiber brand and its product line.


1950s to 1960s – The focus during this time period for Greaves & Thomas was on the recruitment of quality designers. These designers would lead on the execution of the brand’s signature styles, with arguably the most well-known designer being Walter Cornell – who created very streamlined styles most of which were characterised with clean lines and a Danish influence.


1920s to 1960s – The pull out sofa bed was Greaves & Thomas biggest selling furniture piece during this time period, and was dubbed the ‘Put-u-up‘. Though specialising in Sofa Beds the brand also produced contemporary chairs and dining furniture.


1900s – The Greaves & Thomas brand was established and was set to become one of the UKs most celebrated furniture makers.


It's no surprise that quality vintage Greaves & Thomas furniture is in high demand today.'

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