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Jentique Furniture, UK

Jentique Furniture, a prominent British furniture manufacturer, gained acclaim for its mid-20th-century production of stylish furniture inspired by Scandinavian design.


Before establishing Jentique, Geoffrey Jenkins had earned recognition as a toymaker. In 1932, he created the 'Kavor,' a water-driven hydraulic toothbrush that, despite its innovation, faced challenges due to its high cost and intricate setup, ultimately leading to its failure. Despite this setback, Jenkins achieved success with a well-crafted gramophone.

The triumph of the gramophone prompted Jenkins to shift his focus to furniture production, founding Jentique Furniture. Unfortunately, in 1936, it appears that Jenkins relinquished control of the company to his business partner, Bernard Smart, r(better known as the owner of Metamec clocks).

By the late 1950s and 60s, Jentique had evolved into a prominent British furniture brand, specializing in modern and contemporary furniture . The company capitalized on the growing trend toward clean Danish lines and offered a refined range of dining furniture, including sideboards.

Today, Jentique furniture from the mid-century era is highly prized for its elegant proportions, appealing design, and exceptional craftsmanship.


Our Jentique pieces 
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