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Dixie Furniture Co, US

Dixie Furniture Company History

The Dixie Furniture Company opened in 1901 in Lexington, North Carolina. Henry Link and others opened the company, which eventually became Lexington Furniture Brands.


No, Dixie Furniture Company (the manufacturers of furniture from Lexington, NC) is no longer in business. The company had a history of manufacturing furniture under the Dixie name from 1901 until about 1986-1987. After that time, Lexington Furniture subsumed the Dixie Brand. 


Dixie Mid Century Modern Furniture

While traditional styles, like Federal style Dixie still had a following, the company also dabbled in “contemporary styles” in the 1950s and 1960s.

Of course, Dixie made Mid Century Modern styles that featured clean lines, minimalist profiles and peg legs. Additionally, MCM Dixie dressers may not have any hardware, or it may have very geometric bold handles.



In the late 19th Century, furniture factories were a driving force of Lexington commerce. At the center of this force was the Dixie Furniture Company, which saw many changes since its inception in 1901. It was organized by a group of Lexington business leaders, with E.J. Buchanan serving as the first President. From 1901 to 1935, the small company was known for producing oak and walnut bedroom furniture. However, under the leadership of Henry T. Link, a graduate of the local Yadkin College, Dixie would grow to become one of the largest facilities in the country.


In 1936, Henry T. Link organized a merger between Dixie and the Elk Furniture Company. Then, in 1940, after visiting Henry Ford’s automobile assembly plant in Detroit, Mr. Link revolutionized the furniture industry with the introduction of automatic conveyors and mass production techniques to transfer furniture from one phase of assembly to the next.

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