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A design influenced by Jørgen Høvelskov's iconic Harp chair


We suggest that, if feasible, you view this item in person prior to making a purchase.

A design influenced by Jørgen Høvelskov's iconic Harp chair

  • A Collaboration:

    In addition to our usual original refurbished Mid-century furniture, we are collaborating with talented retired fireman and woodworker Walter Dillon,

    featuring his rendition of the Iconic Jørgen Høvelskov "Harp" Chair, 

    for sale exclusively at Vintage Club,  offering you the opportunity to own a piece of design history that seamlessly blends with our curated collection of vintage and refurbished Mid-century gems at a fraction of the cost.

    This masterpiece of Danish design pays homage to the legendary Jørgen Høvelskov and this iconic chair. 


    To introduce this collection, we have a sample/prototype for sale.



    The inspiration: Jørgen Høvelskov "Harp" Chair for Christensen & Larsen, Denmark 1963. 



    Iconic "Harp" chair designed by designer Jørgen Høvelskov in 1968 and produced by cabinet maker Christensen & Larsen in Denmark. Inspired by the arching curves of the bow and stern of a Viking boat, the chair was initially named the Viking Chair when exhibited for the first time in 1963. Afterward, because the woven rope resembled the strings of a harp, it was later introduced by a journalist as the Harp Chair and to be known as one of Høvelskov's finest examples of his visually imposing design ideas. The beauty of the chair is in its construction with its curvature legs that are joined in the center, showcasing Hovelskov’s architectural expertise. The minimalistic approach to its fabrication gives it an element of functional beauty pertinent to the Danish Modern style. The beautifully woven rope seat adapts to the sitter’s shape, making for comfort, and the swooping curve of the central piece from the low front to a high arching backrest cradles the body, mimicking the carved front of a Viking war-ship.




    The designer:


    Jørgen Høvelskov

    Jørgen Høvelskov was born in 1935. He served as a Danish visual artist who produced key works as part of the golden age of Danish furniture. Høvelskov created the "Viking Chair," which was exhibited for th